About Us

Two People and a Cat started as “a trash log.” It was inspired by realizing how much composting cut our household waste. What about the inorganic stuff? Can I avoid it? Meanwhile, my neighbors were actively opposing a garbage burner in the area. This highlighted a question: If my garbage isn’t feeding the incinerator in my backyard, where is it going? Whose backyard? Is that fair?

In addition to sparking an enthusiasm for a future of zero-waste, six years working on the Minnesota House of Representatives, four on the Energy Finance and Policy Committee, naturally turned my attention to clean energy, conservation, sustainable food systems, a steady state economy and many other related ideas that could be put into the context of peak oil, climate change, energy independence, environmental justice and peace.

So, eventually it was natural that I would want to include some of these related but broader ideas here. For example, I thought it would be fun to feature some gardening experiments, home energy conservation projects, and an assortment of other things that touch our quality of life.

A quick change in the tagline was all that was needed. “A Trash Log” becomes “A Quest for a Smaller Carbon Footprint.” Done! Onward! Enjoy!

with Brian and Wilson