Fireplace Insert – Free (Taken – Thanks!)

As part of a fireplace repair, we are having the insert replaced with a more efficient, cleaner burning one. The old one will be recycled on February 20, unless someone else has a use for it.

Front: 44″ W, 30″ H, 24″ D. Vents with blower.

Opening: 26 3/4″ W, 14″ H

Vent on top controlled by lever on front.

Box: 26″ W, 25″ H, 12″ D

9 thoughts on “Fireplace Insert – Free (Taken – Thanks!)

  1. miker matanic

    I am interested. Seems like a good deal. I will pay $10.00, and pick up early Wednesday AM. Where are you located.

  2. Rebekah Smith Post author

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for your interest in the fireplace insert. I’m glad that it can be of some use! I’m in touch with the first person who expressed some interest in it. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll move to the next person on the list by tomorrow and keep going down the list as needed. We live in St. Paul (Cretin/Vandalia Exit off of 94). As you can imagine, the unit is quite heavy and awkward to move. So, you’ll need help moving it. Also, please note that it would need to be moved by Feb. 20 not Feb. 22 as I first indicated. If you get the insert and want to pay it forward, please feel free. I’ll keep you posted!

    1. miker matanic

      Wilson looks like a great guy. Lost our cat of 20 years. Probably adopt another after a while. Appreciate your methodical approach for the next owner of the fireplace insert. I will wait patiently.

      with kind regards

      Mike Matanic

      1. Rebekah Smith Post author

        Yes, Wilson is a sweetie pie! We love her! She followed Pashnick, who at the age of 6 weeks turned Brian into a “cat person” when she bounded out of the tall grass and followed him on his way home from a bar on the West Bank. Failing to find her rightful home, she officially moved in with Brian and stayed for 16 years. After she died in August 2001, a few months passed before Brian would eventually go to the animal shelter to meet Wilson, a tabby who was on her way to Pet Smart. Both cats were named after baseball players, Larry Pashnick and Hack Wilson.

  3. Rebekah Smith Post author

    Thanks to everyone who expressed interest this fireplace insert. We’re super happy that it has found a new home and will be put to good use. Do you want to see how our fireplace update goes? Stay tuned! We’ll post pictures here.


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