Next Year I Will

If you have any extra seedlings, I would be happy to adopt them. I can use them because this year I was too swamped with… stuff… to get seeds started. Merriam Station Community Garden would also be happy to use them for their plant sale on May 4. They are raising money to pay for a water system… kind of important for a garden. I never tire of the miracle of watching a seed sprout. You might not be able to relive a first kiss or the first time you were allowed to take the car by yourself to pick up some milk, but watching a plant sprout, flower, fruit, die… feels brand new every time. Every single time. Next year. Next year I’m going to put those containers I collected to use. I won’t care about what’s pressing. I won’t care about deadlines. Now that I know the emptiness of skipping it, next year I’m going to fill up the place with trays and trays of plants for the garden.

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