I created a forum with topics of random interest to me in hopes that it would generate some lively discussion, brainstorming and maybe even a solution here and there.

Paul’s To-Do List

Have you ever had an idea for a better mousetrap but no audience for it?

A Piece of Crap

There is nothing worse than paying good money for something that doesn’t work right or doesn’t last. If you know about a product that is a total piece of crap, be a friend and let us know so we can avoid it.

Secret Crackers

On the flip side of A Piece of Crap, Secret Crackers is a place to post tips about where to find the really good stuff, whether we’re talking crackers, deodorant, or a pan that’s worth the extra money.

On the Run

On the Run hosts sigtings of PR campaigns, corporate or otherwise, that are clearly responding the the effectiveness of public preasure and that are clearly more about damage control than actual responsiveness.

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